Roadamite Field Trip, August 13, 2011

There was something of a thriving town around Rosemary Farms.

Don remarked that the man-made caves at Cottonwood Canyon Winery have everything - except rail. Cave tours are available.

See the "bench" in the middle of the picture? Right-of-Way!

The Right-of-Way runs horizontally through the middle of the photo. You can see a small valley/ditch on the left that would have to have been bridged over, and a long cut on the right (fence posts running along the top of the cut).

Nothing like modeling your own house, appropriately.

"I told you, they were invited over to see the trains!"

The Right-of-Way runs horizontally through the middle of the photo just underneath the power lines.

The SMVRR headed due east from the new downtown Transit Center (foreground) to the area under and beyond the Highway 101 bridge in the distance on the left.

One clue, follow the power poles.

At the Cottonwood Canyon Winery, the old Right-of-Way goes by just on the other side of the vineyard.

Roadamite is off the picture to the right.

Check out the material used for fence posts out in this area.

Skip is pointing to the PCRy building he is modeling.

Many thanks to Skip and Emiko for inviting us to see their On30 layout, enjoy their backyard paradise, and have a scrumptious lunch.

A little Meyer Lemon snack...

The Right-of-Way went down the right side of the power poles.

In this case, the Right-of-Way went down between the poles.

At left/bottom, the group is at Suey Junction, today's Depot and Battles intersection. This is where an eastward branch of the PCRy went off the north/south PCRy mainline. There was a wye here, one leg of which went through the intersection as pictured here from lower right arching left (east) as it went behind the group and on the far side of the intersection.