Visit Santa Maria Valley Railroad

SMVRR Customer Map Safety is the upmost importance when train watching. Most of Santa Maria Valley Railroad's right of way is located on private property, but there are areas where the right of way is located adjacent to public roads. The SMVRR operates in the city of Santa Maria with a lot of access by public streets. However caution should be taken in some areas in Santa Maria.

The SMVRR Osburn Rail Yard is located on the western edge of Santa Maria but the yard facilities are off limits to the public. If you are interested in getting a close up view of the railroad, be sure to join the Friends of the Santa Maria Valley Railroad for privately escorted tours of places to train watch that are not open to the public.

70T pulls freight train in yard      Amtrak and 70T frieght side by side at Guad UP and SMVRR Locos side by side in yard

Guadalupe Amtrak Station

The very best spot to watch trains is the Guadalupe Amtrak Station located in the center of Guadalupe on the east side of Highway 1 - the street address for your map app is 330 Guadalupe Street, Guadalupe, CA 93434 (Google Map Link). If you time it right, you can see three railroads within a few hours. The platform is located right across from the Union Pacific Railroad Guadalupe Yard, where you can see a short line railroad, Class 1 freight railroad, and passenger trains. From this location you can view the arrival and departure of the Santa Maria Valley Railroad freight trains interchanging cars, Union Pacific Railroad local trains switching, and six Amtrak trains each day including the Coast Starlight and the Pacific Surfliner.

Keep in mind that the tracks and rail yard are private property and you are not allowed to walk in or on them at any time. Stay on the Amtrak platform (which is quite long), parking lot, and public sidewalks.

The retired SMVRR Caboose #210 is on permanent display in the parking lot of the Guadalupe Amtrak Station. Time your visit and have lunch at some of the many very best and authentic Mexican Restaurants and check out Guadalupe's downtown, one of the last downtowns in the area that is preserved from the early days. This is a rail fan's mecca, a great view of three railroads, a preserved downtown with the Guadalupe Historical Society that friends and family can check out while you train watch, the nearby Dunes Center, and many restaurants to choose from. The Union Pacific Railroad's Coast Line is not as busy as in the past. The Guadalupe Amtrak Station is the best shot to see train activity.

Guadalupe Bridge

The Guadalupe Pedestrain Bridge crosses the UP mainline in the north end of Guadalupe. It is located where 9th street dead ends into the tracks from either side of the tracks. From this bridge, you can get a great view of the main line and the north end of the interchange tracks. Most of the action heading north will be the Amtrak trains.

To learn more about Guadalupe, visit the Guadalupe Business Association website       GBA logo

Guadalupe Amtrak Station    SMVRR 210 caboose on static display in Guad Parking Lot