Tour of the SLO Railroad Historic District, February 9, 2013

The photo in the photo is of the original passenger station being demolished. It was located between today's station and the existing UP building to the south.

We speculated that these were remnants of a signal building/shed located just north of the water tower.

We understand some track and a railcar is to be placed next to the deck of this new building.

The modal layout area in the old freight house soon to be new museum location.

Google maps aerial view of the old turntable location. The stalls of the roundhouse are quite clear.

You can clearly see the asphalt (right side) going across the yard from back in the days when there was an at-grade crossing from Jennifer Street across the 9-track yard to the station-side of the tracks.

Apparently this section of the walkway from the station to the freight house is about to get some repair, no doubt taking out some of the asphalt (pictured) from the Jennifer Street crossings.

We had lunch at the Del Monte Cafe, an area icon in its own right.

The retaining wall on the east side of the turntable.

The outside perimeter of the turntable building and foundation is clear.