Friends Tour the SLO Railroad Museum, November 22, 2014

Note the Pacific Motor sign in the background on the right. These are original signs left untouched from when cargo for the various named entities were piled beneath their signs awaiting the next leg of their journey. There's a Sears Roebuck sign directly across the Museum from this one.

The Gold Belt Line.

Renovation of an area in the middle of the La Condesa has begun in earnest.

The only surviving building from roundhouse days.

PMT = Pacific Motor Transport. This trailer is a very rare find from the Southern Pacific's truck transportation arm, with much of the gear in place.

In the La Condesa, parked at the freight house platform. That's a diagram of the car leaning on the wall.

The Central Coast Model Railroad is coming along. Note the old photos of the area being modeled taped to the wall above that area on the model railroad.

This is the San Luis Obispo area of the model where there will be a model of the roundhouse (shown in the large diagram).


Pacific Coast Railway.

Pacific Coast Railway at the Harford Pier.